Entropía 11.7.10

"Entropía 11.7.10" is constant transformation and, at the same time, the opposite.

Entropía 11.7.10 resides in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is a musical dynamism that in its origins, in the year 2000, it was proposed as goal the interpretation and representation of an Rock opera whose subject was the Calvary of Christ.

The musicians Emanuel Torres, Leonardo Williams, Fernando Molina and Alejandro Gómez Grosschadl met and premiered the work "Ecce Homo" in April 2001. When the purpose was fulfilled, the natural outcome of the group was to dissolve, but Emanuel Torres proposed the name "Entropía" and the four musicians continued.

From that moment, the musical association resulted in a series of songs of melancholy character with influences of Pink Floyd, Radiohead or Gathering. A profusion of essays and some recordings in various studies gave Entropía an extraordinary and promising creative character and quality. However, that same character and creative power conspired against the group.

Over the years, and after a few presentations, the disenchantment or disappointment between Leo, Fernando, Emanuel, and Alejandro gave rise to what looked like a dissolution or separation from Entropía; but this dissolution materialized as the first dynamic range of the uncertain conformation of the band, in such a way that its members be but not to be, are but not to are, and potential and tacit are.

And to this point has taken this new form of musical conformation, which have diluted the proper names, and, at the same time, have expanded as a diffusion of universal light. Hence the need for the name to modify "Entropía 11.7.10" as a mysterious formulation and, in itself, without concrete reference or meaning. "Entropía 11.7.10" is dynamism, is flow, is constant transformation and, at the same time, the opposite.