EntropĂ­a 11.7.10

Philosophy of Organic Music:

Music composed and performed with household items available, acoustic or electronic.

Music composed between flashes of daily living.

Composed, recorded and performed regardless of the technical elements conventionally professionals.

Music composed, recorded, performed, mixed and mastered with optimization suggested by listening and not by the parameters of sound engineering.

Arising from mental or spiritual temperament and not by the demands of deadlines professional or industry.

Music without urgency, matured for years.

Music not determined by the academy.

Organic music, like the music of Entropy 11.7.10, is determined by the Principle of Uncertainty.

This principle is given as a consequence of the vulnerability of the songs that is manifested in the effect on them of the daily becoming, the people that interact, the circumstances and the conjunctures. Vulnerability bends the structures of songs and these can vary in time and space to the point of becoming unrecognizable to themselves in their origin. Songs are affected by humanity, so they can not keep a precise shape. This imprecision produces a constant: The uncertainty principle.

And because of its vulnerable character and at uncertainty principle, a song that originally could have had melody and lyrics, at a moment of time and by effect of a situation, a person or certain facts, can be Interpreted with a single note played in an instant; And it would be the same song with melody and lyrics and the single note at a time and in its entirety.

This mystery is as indecipherable as the quantum world. Perhaps the only absolutely original song was sung by the most archaic man, by that imprecise figure between man and monkey. Then, that possible melodic babbling was reproduced infinitely to this day. Perhaps a Beatles song or Beethoven's ninth symphony is nothing more than variations of that primordial melody spontaneously motivated by hunger, cold, or fear.